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Monolith Disappeared..

#Postat de on noiembrie 30, 2020

The strange chain of coincidences surrounding the monolith fenomenon seems to go on after the monolith in Utah USA vanished the same mysterious disappearance act seems to have occurred to the twin monolith back in Romania. The monolith found near the archaeological site of an old Dacian Stronghold disappeared on the night of Saint Andrew, when reportedly, a bright light surrounded the object. Locals thought the light came from a car, but the light pointed towards the sky. In the morning the place where the monolith stood up was empty, only a faint imprint remains on the ground covered by snow. But according to the people who saw the monolith, it seemed most likely made of an alloy of silver and aluminum.


The monolith, according to witnesses, had a silver/ aluminium composition with filigree wrinkles. Some locals related to us that they saw some people that vandalized the monolith by attaching with super-glue additional welded objects that the Monolith didn’t had before. After this the locals also related that the object was completely covered with graffiti so that the structure would look like a scrap piece of metal.
The ones who describe the monolith’s aspect intentionally avoid mentioning the filigree present on its surface.
Weird and inexplicable is how the structure was moved from there. Removing the monolith would require a heavy lift crane.

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